Top Four Things To Look For When Choosing A Commercial Truck Training School

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After deciding to acquire a truck driver’s license, your next key decision is which truck driving school to enroll in. This decision is important as it will directly affect your success within the commercial driving space for years to come. Therefore, do your research and consider the various factors before you enroll in a truck driving school.

To make things easier, if you know of anyone who is a successful commercial truck driver, you could seek recommendations from them. Ask them which schools do they feel are suitable for driver training? Also, browse the training instructions and the curriculum of every school you have shortlisted. Here are the top four things to look for when choosing a commercial truck training school to help you make a wise selection. 

1. One that offers Class A licensing
The commercial truck training school of your preference heavily relies on the type of licensing you want to acquire. Some want a Class C, whereas others might prefer a Class D license. You need to pick a school that will train you for the kind of driving you want to do and the kind of work you want to do. Research into what each school offers will help you choose the school that will provide you with the desired training. Having said that, it’d be wise to go for Class A training purely because Class A license holders may also drive vehicles in Classes D, G, and A with condition (R).

2. Motivates students to achieve their goals
A commercial truck training school is only as good as its instructors. The best instructors will possess years/decades of on-the-road experience to offer you as a student and motivate students to achieve their goals. Learning from the actual experience of industry experts, and not relying merely on theoretical knowledge is extremely valuable. Having an experienced former driver as an instructor will prepare you for what you stand to face in the cab of a truck and help you pass your commercial driving license (CDL). These instructors will also help you learn how to interact with clients and anyone you might meet at rest areas or interact with during order pickups, which are other crucial components of the job that are overlooked during training by most other schools.

3. Years of verifiable experience
If you’re thinking of a long-term career as a professional truck driver, keep in mind that most trucking companies choose to hire a driver who has been licensed at a reputed and state-accredited school. A training school with more than five years of verifiable experience inspires more confidence over those that are new in the business. It makes sense to choose a truck driving school that is state-accredited and has proper licensing to operate, in addition to over five years of experience. After all, you will want to undergo the proper training and become an adequately licensed professional truck driver whose license is appreciated by all trucking companies.

4. Understands students’ needs
An important characteristic of any good truck driving school is an instructor team that genuinely understands their students’ needs. In addition to a great classroom with regard to teacher/instructor numbers, proper on-the-road training is also critical to help you attain success in your career as a professional driver. Check if the school offers trainer-assisted driving lessons where trainers or instructors ride with you for a set amount of time during a specific training period. This provides both theoretical knowledge and on-the-job practical instruction that is holistic.

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